Milk for Children Under Chemotherapy


Visit & Give Milk and Gifts to Children Undergoing Chemotherapy

Join “For Vietnamese Stature Foundation” (VSF) in visiting K Hospital in Tan Trieu. Children under chemotherapy suffer from fatigue after each chemical transfer session due to toxins building up in their bodies. The only foods that do not make them feel sick are plain white rice porridge, white rice with crushed sesame, peanut and salt, and fresh milk.

Being aware of the importance of milk in improving the children’s health condition, since May 19th, 2018, VSF has been making visits to K hospital every first and third Saturday morning to give milk and other presents to K children.

TH School students have been joining these trips to help give milk, talk and cheer up the patients. In each trip, our students also organize games, read books, sing, play instruments for the children there. These activities, as well as our sharing, have surely brought joy and meaningful spirit of support to the children under chemotherapy.

If you would like to join this activity, please contact Ms. Quyen at to register (first come first serve). The visit and distribution of milk will be from 8:15 am - 12 am.