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Engaging young learners for their personal and academic development


2020欧洲杯体育在线平台At TH Primary School we aim to inspire, engage and challenge all our young learners so that they develop personally as well as academically and can succeed wherever their future lies.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台Our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) ensures rigorous learning through exciting and globally relevant themes. It uses the latest research into how children learn best and we tailor learning experiences so that students can deepen their understanding of their own culture and identity, whilst also developing an increasingly international perspective.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台Our learners from Grade 1 to Grade 5, alongside the International Primary Curriculum, benefit from the internationally acclaimed National Curriculum from England and Wales, which sets a high standard for English language fluency and Numerical proficiency. This is tailored to the needs of our students and teachers differentiate the curriculum to meet a child’s individual needs.

We link our Literacy and Numeracy to the IPC topics, where possible, so that students can make meaningful connections across the subjects which leads to deeper learning.

A particular priority within our Curriculum is to develop and understanding within our students of healthy living. Students in every class will learn about making healthy choices to develop an understanding of how to look after themselves and each other, the importance of physical activity and to making healthy choices in relation to food.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our caring learning environment.

Yvette Jeffrey
International Primary & KG Principal


Learning through globally relevant themes

We link Literacy and Numeracy to the IPC topics so that students can make meaningful connections across the subjects.