Tết at Thụy An Rehabiliation Center


Students, parents and staffs of TH school visited Thuy An Rehabiliation Center for love sharing and Tet celebration with handicapped children.


Last Sunday, TH School students, teachers and parents volunteered in a community charity event at Thuy An Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children. Mr. Nguyen Nhu Liem, Head of the Vocational Training Department, was moved by the time shared and connections made. "I'd like to thank the teachers and students of TH School for bringing Tết to children in Thuy An Centre. Tết is joy and hope."


Volunteers from the TH School community spent time with the children at Thuy An Centre, playing together and giving gifts prepared by students. The initial shyness was quickly dispelled by bright smiles, high fives and taking part in many activities together, including folk games such as tug of war, bag jumping and cotton ball throwing. TH School and Thuy An students had fun working together to decorate the Centre in bright peach and apricot blossoms to celebrate the coming new year and a warm and colorful spring.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台Sharing a traditional meal also got everyone in the Tết atmosphere. TH School volunteers and Thuy An teachers prepared a range of delicious dishes together, such as chung cake, jellied meat, chicken, dried bamboo shoot soup, lean pork pie, and spring rolls. TH School students kindly scooped rice for Thuy An children and made sure they felt cared for.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台As peers and friends, TH School and Thuy An students prepared and performed a passionate and touching Tết performance filled with song and dance. Director of TH School Systems Ms. Tran Thi Quyen said, "Learning to share, serve and love– that is the core value that we always nurture among our students through volunteer trips and community activities inside and outside of the classroom, which not only give meaning to our communities but also promote kindness and a humanitarian spirit.”