Teacher's Day


TH School teachers and students celebrated Vietnamese Teacher's Day in a very meaningful way at both Chùa Bộc and Hoà Lạc campuses.

At Chùa Bộc, students prepared biscuits and lovely cards expressing their appreciation of their teachers. Teachers receiving these gifts were surprised and heartened by the thoughtfulness of their students.

In Hoà Lạc, students made posters, flowers and short videos to honor the values of the teaching profession and express their gratitude to the teachers who always stand by them. As a Teacher's Day tradition, Madame Thái Hương- founder of TH School- visited the school to congratulate teachers. She chatted with students, met with teachers, and expressed her personal gratitude to those who have contributed to making TH School a success by teaching with "the heart of a mother" and helping children develop holistically, honoring their cultural identity and preparing for a global future.

We thank our teachers for their commitment to each student and wish them all happiness and success for another great year at TH School.

THChùa Bộc, Hoà Lạc, schoolwide