Even the autumn chill could not quiet the bustle of Halloween preparations underway at both Chùa Bộc and Hòa Lạc campuses. Across the schools, colorful festivities marked the autumn holiday and drew the excitement of students and teachers alike.

In KG and Primary School, students dressed as their favorite characters, whimsical fairies, wicked witches, and smiley jack-o-lanterns. They learned about the origin of Halloween, debuted their costumes on the fashion show runway, and played fun games including bobbing for donuts, wrapping mummies, and trick-or-treating.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台Secondary students enjoyed an impressive Halloween night event organized and hosted by Student Council. The event warmed up with a fashion show and the music brought everyone to their feet. Hòa Lạc students set up their own haunted house to get everyone into the spooky Halloween spirit. And the Kitchen Team prepared a spread of ghoulish treats for partygoers to enjoy. All made for a vibrant and memorable Halloween festival.

THChùa Bộc, Hoà Lạc, schoolwide