Art Exhibition


Creative, colorful, and lively artworks go on display at our TH School Art Exhibitions

“The students have worked very hard, and their artworks have such vivid colors, expressing their diverse perspectives." This is what one parent shared upon viewing the KG-Primary and Secondary Art Exhibitions, which both opened for viewing yesterday. With many works of art in a range of different styles, genres and mediums— including Fauvism, Pointillism, still life, collage, and oil painting— the exhibition celebrated the colourful approach taken within our school's Arts programs. Mrs. Mai, Grade 9 student Gia Minh's mother said, "I was very surprised to see the children's artwork on display at the exhibition today; I felt like I stepped into an art exhibition of professional artists."

Understanding the importance of Art in helping children develop creativity and lateral thinking skills, TH School encourages students to express themselves with confidence and creativity. Grade 10 student Ngoc Mai said: “TH school is a place where I can be creative in every style of painting, and my teachers always support me in putting myself into my artwork." She went on, "I really like painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and learning about Post-Impressionism, as well as stitching textiles like the patterns of William Morris." Grade 7 student Hong Anh enjoyed working on art projects that related to the Big Ideas of the IMYC. "The Big Ideas we learned this year were Communication, Risk, Courage and Curiosity, and we had some great projects that corresponded to those ideas. I think that it’s really good that we’re exploring different ways that art relates to the world."

The Kindergarten and Primary Gallery is impressive with works done using a variety of techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. It is in their art lessons that students establish foundational skills in visual arts and cultivate their creative skills.

We would like to thank the Art Department for hosting two very successful opening events!

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