TH Talks


In the latest TH Talks at Hòa Lạc Campus on the topic of “Purpose,” 13 speakers from grades 8, 9 and 10 chose several hot topics in education and everyday life to discuss and present their views, including the importance of goals, the purpose of “discovering” yourself, the power of a smile, and the necessity of sex education in schools.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台A pressing topic discussed in the TH Talks was the broader purpose and mission of education. In the view of grade 10 student Xuân Ngan, education is not just for teaching knowledge and achieving high results but supporting the development of personalty and morality that will help individuals make more meaningful contributions to their societies.

Parents in the audience were moved by their children’s presentations and happy to witness their academic and personal growth. Many students feel nervous or lack confidence in delivering presentations, but these students expressed their ideas with confidence, intellect, humor and English-language fluency. TH Talks have helped students improve their presentation skills and provided them an outlet for expressing informed opinions and aspirations for a more ideal society.

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