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Generation Z students with great achievements: TH School student takes 3 A Levels and earn top exam scores in Chemistry and Mathematics

For Vietnamese students studying at A Level abroad or even native students in the UK to achieve top marks across three A Level subjects can be quite challenging, but Nguyễn Anh Trung, a 12th grade student from TH School has not only achieved As in all three of his courses but much more.

In previous years, Vietnamese students who want to be admitted to universities in the UK often had to go to Singapore or the UK for Grades 9 and 10 to get a A level before entering university. Some international schools in Vietnam currently teach A Level programs and students can receive an A Level without leaving the country. Although the opportunity to get an A Level qualification has become more available for Vietnamese students, it is not easy to get good exam results. Nguyễn Anh Trung, a 12th grade student at TH School, performed very well in his exams last June, earning three As, High Achievement in Mathematics at A Level and Top in Country in Chemistry at AS Level. We’ve sat down with Trung to learn more about his experience and remarkable achievement.

Hello Trung! First of all, congratulations on your achievements in your past A-level exams. Can you tell us a little about yourself and the exams you just took?

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台Yes, hello, everyone. I am Nguyễn Anh Trung, a 12th grade student at TH High School. I took my A Level exams in June last year (one year will have an exam in June and December) and I got the highest score in Chemistry in Vietnam at AS level. In Maths, I completed the exam for both years and earned a high score in that subject too. I chose three subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry for my A Levels, and did well in each, reaching 93/100 but there are others in Vietnam who have done better.

The A Level exam still seems strange to students studying in Vietnam. Can you share a little bit about how this exam differs from other exams here?

The A Level program usually lasts for two years and is divided into two levels of AS and A Level. At the end of grade 11, you will take the AS certification exam; at the end of 12th grade, you will take the A Level certificate. Of course, to be able to study A Level and get good results, students often have to follow that program from the years below, at least from grades 9 & 10, under the IGCSE program. Last June, I completed my A Level in Mathematics and AS for Physics and Chemistry.

In the Maths exam, I had to do four papers completely in English within the space of two months: two papers are high school maths, one is applied mathematics and the last one is statistics. And in Physics and Chemistry, we have three sheets, divided into three parts, which are test, essay and practice. We sit the June exams in the months of May and June.

And how did you feel after getting your exam results back?

I am really happy, as I didn’t quite expect it. The A Level Maths program is assessed to be equivalent to a second-year undergraduate maths program, and even many native British students would be thrilled with such an achievement.

How did your teachers help you to earn such high marks on your exams?

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台I owe a large part of what I have been able to accomplish to my teachers at TH School. Before going to TH School, the A Level program still seemed quite strange to me. And in order to be successful, many students have to learn from primary school or junior high school. I moved to TH School when I started 10th grade and started to get acquainted with academic English as well as the requirements and learning methods of the international curriculum, and A Level in particular. My teachers really helped me to catch up with the curriculum.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台The curriculum chosen for students also follows the exam program so that we can build the confidence we need to do well. In addition to classwork, teachers often provide us with additional materials and issue homework to help us improve our skills.

In addition to the curriculum, what additional support did your teachers provide during your course?

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台My teachers not only helped us build our knowledge, they provided so much encouragement and support, helping to raise our spirits whenever we felt overwhelmed. Whenever there is something to ask, my teachers are enthusiastic to help and to answer my questions. Because my school uses the Google platform, the exchange between students and teachers is very convenient. Every evening when studying, if I have any questions, I will just send a message to my teacher.

2020欧洲杯体育在线平台One thing I really like here at TH School is that we have access to modern equipment and advanced facilities, especially science laboratories. Vietnamese students often do not have access to high quality chemistry, physics, or biology laboratories to inform their studies. And the teachers are very good with the practicals. Regularly doing practical experiments with the guidance of my teachers helped me to achieve high marks in Physics and Chemistry. I still remember one time I accidentally triggered a small explosion in Chemistry, but my teacher did not scold me but reminded me to be careful and be mindful of my safety. This is why I have to thank my teachers for facilitating my learning.

What about your school environment and friends? How does the school create ideal conditions for learning?

I am fortunate to live in the boarding house with over 20 of my classmates. So in addition to the regular class hours, we take part in co-curricular activities, study in the evening together, exchange papers for review, and talk about how to do best in our exams. When living with classmates with the same goal, I feel much more motivated. In addition to lessons, we play sports, do things that entertain us and keep us busy, and we have many good memories together. All my friends work hard to achieve the highest results and strive to get into a university that best fits their passion and abilities. In such an environment, everyone wants to learn better and there's little time to waste- or at least I think so. Perhaps this is something that only the best boarding schools can provide for students.

Can you share any advice for students preparing for their own A Level exams?

The important thing is that you yourself have to work hard to learn and to learn new things. I often go to the Internet to learn new things, know more about the competition and related knowledge. By mastering the mock exams, I have more confidence when taking the real exam.

Also, try to be curious about what you’re learning, rather than forcing yourself to learn just to pass the exam. If you want to study well, focus on improving your study skills and not parroting facts. Once you have good study skills, you can absorb knowledge more easily. I think good study skills are more important than knowledge because my knowledge can be obtained in one way or another but when you have the skills, you can always build on your knowledge. At TH School, we’ve learned a lot of useful skills, which are helpful for studying but more importantly for succeeding in work life later on.

Thank you, Trung, for sharing!

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