Teaspoons of Change


Students learn that small actions taken together can make a big difference


Today students were visited by d'Arcy Lunn, a representative of the and . He is an activist who likes to share his passion for issues such as human rights and the environment in international schools across the globe.

In the Sports Hall at the Chùa Bộc campus, d’Arcy gave presentations to primary and secondary students on the importance of not only acquiring knowledge in school but also learning and living ethical values. During the sessions, students listened attentively to his presentation advocating for globally minded citizenship and how to be a good 'global citizen.'

One important point he shared was that even a small action can create a meaningful impact on other people and on the planet. So whilst all of the United Nations' development goals require a concerted effort on a global scale, we as individuals can take small actions that collectively can make a real impact.